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If you're looking for reliable, affordable and convenient brake repair, look no further than Nate's Brakes. Nate is a mobile mechanic that specializes in one thing – brakes. Whether you need brake rotors, calipers or pad replacements, Nate will come to you – at your home, work or any other convenient location. And because Nate only uses quality parts with warranties, you can be sure your brake repair will be done right – at a fraction of the price of other mechanics. So don't wait – call Nate's Brakes today!


  • A mobile mechanic that specializes in one thing; brakes
  • Convenient. Smart. Efficient. Nate’s Brakes will come to your home, work, or any other place that fits YOUR schedule and life the best.
  • Receive an honest brake diagnostic with an affordable quote for repairs.
  • You will never receive a quote for repairs you don’t need or get price gouged.
  • Whether you need brake rotors, brake calipers, or brake pad replacements, Nate's Brakes will get it done at a fraction of the price of other mechanics, and you won't have to wait for your car or have to get a ride to pick it up.
  • Nate only uses quality parts with warranties and guarantees his work.

Nate Hauger

I moved from the East coast to Phoenix in early 2001, bounced around from North Phoenix, Central Phoenix and Scottsdale before settling in Tempe.  I worked in the insurance industry until around 2009, but was not cut out for cubicle life and was thankfully relieved of that job in the waves of layoffs that hit during the recession. 

Resisting the urge to jump back in to the insurance world just to have a job, I followed the question “and just what DO you want to do when I grow up?” through a couple twists and turns and ended up buying a selling used cars around 2012.  Knowing astonishingly little about the mechanical aspects of cars at the time, I got lucky on the first couple and thought “this is easy!!!”, but then found out the hard way that ignorance was NOT bliss and I experienced my first failure at operating my own business.

Two valuable nuggets of wisdom I limped away from the experience with were:

  1. Failure sucks!
  2. And
  3. If you can fix your own cars, you can save a lot of money.

Around this time, I went into substitute teaching for a few years.  My brother back in Philly was doing some very inspiring work in education and I thought “maybe I have the teacher gene”.  Although subbing was another good learning experience, one thing I learned is that to be an actual teacher, you kind of need to be super organized and a bit of a rock star. The best part of it was that I got to sub at my daughter’s school a whole lot, which was a lot of fun. 

During these years, I also discovered that I enjoyed working on cars and that YouTube is an excellent resource.  A typical interaction looked like:

My Friend: “Hey Nate, can you replace the ball joints on my truck?”

Me: “give me a minute”


And I’d jump on YouTube and after finding some videos that made it look easy (blissfully unaware that my whole weekend was about to be shot) be like “Sure, no problem!”. Ha! The good old days… After a few years, I realized that I could make actual money doing this, I got some insurance and started working as a mobile mechanic.


I did this for a probably 5 years or so and it was mostly a good time, salted with the usual frustrations of mechanic work, stripped bolts, wrong parts, BAD parts, etc… but the customers were mensches and this was a far cry from the soul crushing cubicle life, so it was good times.  I did notice that brakes are the most common repair on vehicles and they also something I enjoyed doing.

Along the way, I got connected with and learned a ton from a mobile mechanic in the East Valley who had been working on cars his whole life (I call him “the car whisperer”).  This was an upgrade from YouTube university and turbo charged my education.

Things were good, I was learning a lot.  One valuable lesson along the way was how to avoid headache (aka. what jobs to NOT accept), like any interaction that involved anything to do with Jaguars and electrical issues…  run!!! lol

As the list of things I could do grew, it began to dawn on me that there is a GINORMOUS amount of knowledge you need to be truly proficient as a mechanic, and it would take me more time than I had to become proficient at everything. And out of this realization, the idea of “Nate’s Brakes” was born.  Instead of being a decent general mechanic, why not focus on being the best in only one area and provide excellent mobile brake service to people in the Phoenix area?


In early 2022, I started laying the groundwork for the idea, getting the website, advertising, business cards, the whole bit. And so here we are.  Ready to serve you and your vehicle with convenient and affordable mobile brake service.  Give us a call!

Some of the car brands we service include (but are not limited to): Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford, GMC/Chevy, Dodge, JEEP, Hyundai, Kia, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Isuzu, Lincoln, Jaguar, etc.. And many European Brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Mini, etc… You get the idea. As we add mobile brake specialists to our staff, we hope to increase our repertoire of brake services even more. We want to focus on doing Brakes, brakes and more brakes to provide you with premium service at affordable cost, all with the convenience of not having to leave your own home. 🙂

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Our Tempe Arizona based mobile brake repair service provides an affordable, reliable and convenient service. So let us help you move through your day without the worry of brake repair.

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