Nate's Brake Repair Process

Step by Step Brake Diagnostic & Repair

At Nate’s Brakes Mobile Service & Repair, we have a streamlined process for brake repair that ensures your brakes are fixed quickly and correctly every time. Our owner and brake technician, Nate, will walk you through what a brake repair with him looks like from start to finish.

1) Removing the Tire for Inspection

First, Nate will remove the tire to take a close look at your brake components like the rotor, brake pads, and caliper. This allows him to thoroughly inspect for any issues.

2) Conducting a Diagnostic

Nate will check the thickness of the brake pads, looking for uneven wear, glazing on the rotor, leaks, or damage. He relies on his expert eye and years of experience to diagnose any problems.



3) Explaining the Issues

Once Nate has completed his diagnostic, he will explain to you in simple terms what issues he found, like worn brake pads, damaged rotors, or leaking calipers. He’ll review your options and provide a quoted price.

4) Making the Repairs

After you’ve approved the quote, Nate will get to work replacing any worn or damaged parts with high-quality components. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the job will be done right.

Why Choose Nate's Brakes?

Our mobile brake company provides affordable, reliable and convenient brake service to our valued customers in the East Valley. Yes, we come to your door. Move seemlessly through your day without the hassle of taking your car to the shop. Make the smart and convenient choice.




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Our Tempe and Gilbert Arizona based mobile brake repair service provides an affordable, reliable and convenient service. So let us help you move through your day without the worry of brake repair.

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